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Friday, November 22, 2019

Rusty Buckets On The Merc

I was just thinking about how we used to get around all through a Saskatchewan winter in a two wheel  drive car. No four wheel drive pickups with traction control and anti lock brakes. Just a little good driving skill and a shovel in the trunk for when your luck ran out. I can't recall my dad ever having to pull the old Merc out of a snowbank with a tractor but maybe my memory is failing.

No steel belted studded winter radial tires. Just the same old ground grip tires that had been on the car all summer. It was too costly to have an extra set of rims or tires for winter.

New plastic frost shields installed on the inside of the windows to keep at least a partial view through the frosted glass. Times have changed.


  1. I remember the used '64 Chevy Impala station wagon that Dad drove for years. In winter, he'd put sawdust tread on the back and 200 pounds of cattle feed just inside the tailgate and off we'd go. When things got REALLY icy, he'd put chains on, but that was a rare occasion.

    1. I bet chains would make a big difference. But dad never had them.