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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cockshutt 50 Piling flax straw

More old video from the VHS tape collection I am gradually converting to digital. Saving family history. Although it does not seem like so very long ago to me, it is just over 20 years. Dad was always happy to run his old 50 and the blade whether it be pushing straw, snow, dirt or manure. That manual steering was heavy and the blade made it even heavier so you kept warm trying to steer the old 50. I guess he made 50 years on that tractor. Bought it in October of 1960 and I think he was still able to drive it in 2000.


  1. I still shudder to think of all the tilth lost by not being able to compost that straw.

  2. Thats the thing about flax straw. It does not break down and rot like cereal straw. It will lay there til next year and tangle up and drag on any implement we put in the ground. So its either burn or bale and haul away to burn.