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Friday, February 14, 2020

Thoroughly Disgusted

I probably should not comment now but I (and many others) feel so fed up with what is happening to our Canada. Protests, strikes and illegal blockades all across the country are bringing our economy down. Unions pushing the Co-op refinery workers to strike for more pension. On top of their already huge salaries and pensions. And not just walking a picket line but putting up fences and blocking fuel trucks from entering. Thereby shutting down fuel flow to a trickle. And all the while the police stand by and let it happen. Even after the courts ruled it an illegal action. Finally, after weeks, they started moving the fences and trucks are moving fuel again.
And still the union pushes their weight around with another blockade fence at a card lock station Even after the goverment has appointed a mediator to get negotiations rolling again. They are making themselves even more unpopular here.
And that whole pipeline blockade thing has just gone past the point of ridiculous. A few brainwashed activists have fired up the whole nation of agitators and railway blockades are springing up all across the country. And the police let it happen. All I have seen them do so far was arrest a man who was trying to clear up one of these illegal blockades. Backwards justice happening here.
I'm pretty sure if I pulled my farm equipment across the highway and stopped traffic I'd be getting a quick visit and stern reprimand to clear the highway by the police.
Sounds like most rail traffic has shut down for Eastern Canada so that should get some action quicker than if it was just the West
I've never felt less hope or optimism for this country than I do now. Western separation is looking more and more like a better alternative.
Trending on twitter the other evening was "#shutdowncanada "
Our prime minister is busy travelling around the world giving out tax dollars away in a bid to get himself a seat at the U.N. He needs to be home doing what he was elected to do. I never thought I'd say this but his father probably made a better prime minister.
He was not afraid to call in the army when the situation was getting out of hand back in 1970.


  1. Sadly, your president is doing exactly what the lefty got him elected to do, just like Obama did.

    1. The scary part is that they elected him for a second term. Not much hope for us is there?

  2. Many of us in Western Canada remember the late 60's and the 70's, that is when I learned the old adage "follow the money".
    Out poltroons in office at all levels prance and proclaim, but they are bought and paid for. Saskatchewan's latest brush with La Mangentic like terror has received lip service. Cheaper and poorer than I could find in downtown Regina. So here we are.
    Are we going to get active? Yell and scream? Sue the Cheifs, How about suing the Rockefeller's, Buffet, Soros and the rest of that Motley Crew. Their monies spent on Green crap are dwarfed by the profits achieved by rail transport.

  3. I should probably also not comment but here goes.

    Where did you hear that the union was pushing people to strike for a better pension? The way I heard it, the company wants to make their pension WORSE.

    And as far as the rail shutdowns go. Yes I guess if you just parked your tractor on the railroad for no reason the police would tell you to move on.

    But if a pipeline company backed by the RCMP told you that they were putting a pipeline across your land and the land of your neighbours whether you wanted it there or not, even after you suggested an alternate route, I think you'd have a fit.

    And if you and your neighbours started blocking railroads with your tractors at that point it would be a political protest and they would be treated differently by the police.

    And if other farmers across Canada looked at the raw deal you were getting and also started protesting to support you, again, same thing.

    When the "United We Roll" convoy drove to Parliament Hill the police did not arrest them for blocking traffic in Ottawa.

    1. Over 80 percent of the affected Indians voted FOR the pipeline projects. As did the various band councils. Only a couple of NON-ELECTED chiefs are promoting this.
      I ask you Kemper, who is paying for all of this stuff? I think you will find AstroTurfing if you look. But you have to look. I can't force your eyes to open. demonstrations and blockades don't happen for free, and I doubt the organizers are free either.

  4. I have seen some of the figures quoted for refinery workers salary and pensions. Where else can you work and not have to contribute to your own pension fund? I think the average worker would rather be back at work and not walking a picket line. That union has zero support in rural Sask. which is really not surprising.
    If all my neighbours had voted in favour of a pipeline crossing their land and I was the one holding it up, I would not have much power to protest. And compensation or "right of way" is paid as far as I know.