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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Almost Too Hot

It hit 92 here this afternoon and I haven't ventured out of the house since dinner. Nothing really urgent needs doing that I have to endure that heat and humidity. I finally gave up on waiting for rain and set up a sprinkler on the garden this morning. Its doing pretty good considering how dry its been but this heat will make it wilt. Seeing some early blight on the potatoes but they are producing well. Some pods on the peas and should have a few ready to eat in a day or two.
This heat will be burning the crops on the sandy hilltops as they run out of moisture. Its been great for haying and I got most of mine cut and baled within the past week. Nice working late in the evening when there is enough moisture on the swaths to bale well.
We are actually pretty lucky to get enough rain to produce some decent hay and then dry enough to harvest it.


  1. 97F is the hottest it's gotten here in the country so far. We tend to stay in the house when it gets over 90, but have been caught out a few times when the temperature went up.

  2. You probably can see what went on in Oregon in the news. Now that it is September and we had 2" of rain. The dew in the morning is like rain. Hay weather is over and fall is on the way.

    1. Sure has been bad there. The smoke even got here on the weekend.