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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Hawks At Winstanley Grove

 Raking hay yesterday morning in the vicinity of the hundred acre woods and Winstanley Grove. Trying to pull several of the skimpy little swaths together into one decent sized swath that would keep the baler relatively full fed without having to drive like a mad man on the rough ground. 

Yes it is continuing dry and extremely hot. So far less than half the normal amount of hay. 

Took a break from riding the open 2140 and rake to relax in the shade of some of great uncle Arthur's maple and carraganna hedge. The 85 degree heat was a little less intense there but of course no cooling breezes penetrated the deep woods. I happened to spot this nest of little hawks about 12 feet up in a maple tree. No amount of zoom photos on the cell phone camera would give me a clear image. Since no adult hawks were around I ventured up the leaning branches of the old maple tree nearby for a better look. I guess they did not know enough to fear the first human they had ever seen so I was able to shoot some video and slightly better pictures. A bird guy later identified them as probably Coopers Hawks. 

Late that evening I was able to bale up the hay in the air conditioned comfort of the 2090 Case when the humidity was up enough to promote good baling. 4 more hay bales to add to the winter's supply. 


  1. I have been baling grass straw. Yields are down considerably due to hot and dry weather.

  2. Stubblejumpers CafeJuly 19, 2021 at 8:09 AM

    I held my breath ... was that old fella actually going to climb a tree?

    Good to see a post from you again.


    1. No worries Kate. Sometimes I forget I'm not a kid anymore. It was only about 10 feet up.