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Monday, October 4, 2021

October Leaves In The Valley

 I'd been meaning to take the Merc on another leaf scenery tour South into the valley for a while now but never seemed to get the proper opportunity. I figured it would be too late in another day or so as we are losing leaves every day. Sunshine, blue sky and 70 degrees with almost no wind. As good as it gets in Sask. A bit too dry and dusty but at least there was no mud to deal with like the last time I tried it .Everybody comments on my photos and videos how flat Sask. is but I was sure glad to have good brakes and low gear on the old Merc going into and then climbing out of the Jumping Deer valley. 

Coming up on 62 years the old Merc has been here on the farm. It should know it's way around without me by now. 


  1. Flat, my ass. Sure, in comparison to many other places, but I insist our land undulates at the very least. Also, my camera doesn't properly pick up the hills and dales. -Kate

    1. I too get a little tired of the comments of "how flat it is there" on the forums. I blame it on the one dimensional view of the computer screens that don't show the true extremes of undulations we have here at least in this part of Sask.