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Monday, March 13, 2023

Winter Continues

Hope it ends soon. This latest storm left such hard drifts of snow that the snow blower could hardly cut into it. Just finished and a bearing broke on the auger drive so the blower is down til I can get it apart and a new bearing installed. At least it is not super freezing cold like it has been. I can still move snow with the blade on the bigger tractor but that leaves huge ridges and piles of snow that just catch more snow. And eventually we run out of room to pile snow. Diesel fuel is not getting any cheaper last time I checked. Picture from yesterday's activities. At least the scenery was nice.


  1. I took today off to work on my tractor. It is raining and cold. My no-till drill is setting outside and needs service. When this weather changes, I fear unending work. I don't like short Spring seasons!

  2. Me too. I actually kind of enjoy hibernating the winter away and not really looking forward to it ending.