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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Moose Sighting

Life is always interesting here on the farm. Working a little
sumerfallow today (which is extremely difficult this summer) and suddenly
I was not alone in the field. Spotted this moose about a quarter mile
away and quickly took a few pics. Moose are not all that common around here
and still cause me to jump for my camera whenever I spot one. This one
had antlers so is the first male I have seen so far. I don't think I
will go wandering around that field on foot anymore as I would not care
to meet up with one of these big guys.
The earlier mentioned hay is now mostly in bales. Borderline too damp but
I think they should be ok. The last little bit was definitely too damp
as I found out when the baler began making a terrible rattling noise. By
the time I got it shut down and looked inside I was already mentally
composing an ad, "For sale, New Holland 847 baler for parts only" as I
feared it was hopelessly damaged internally. After blowing the dust and
chaff out and examining the twisted metal I now have hopes that I can
repair the damage myself just by disassembling and straightening a few
Good thing I have most of
the baling done already.


  1. I'm glad that we DON'T have moose in my area. The deer are destructive enough. Still, it's nice to know that are still some in the wild. In other words, better you than me!

  2. We get the occasional moose bumbling in from Minnesota, usually a victim of wasting disease or a young male with no territory. Almost always gets blown away by some Bud Light swilling yayhoo with a big gun and testosterone poisoning.

    The more that farming falls into the corporate chokehold, the more I appreciate the visit by the rare moose or cougar. (We've had a brace of those fall to Bubba and his .270 in the last couple of years.) I like to think they are a precursor of what will happen when we've let the last inch of Monsanto poisoned black loam wash down the Mississippi.

  3. Balers all are demonic creations.
    Was that Bullwinkle? If you become over run with Moose as we are over run with Elk you will not find them so senic...

  4. Yes, rare and occasional is ok but I think eventually moose will fall into the same nuisance class as beavers and raccoons. Even white tail deer in some parts of the province are referred to as "rats with antlers". Moderation is the key.