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Monday, September 20, 2010

Giants In The Earth

Funny how that quote (its in the bible somewhere) came to mind the
other day when I was digging potatoes and this huge one came out of
the ground. At least I will have a good crop of them.
Its the only harvesting I have done so far this fall as the weather
continues to put us on hold with cold, damp , cloudy weather. There
are a few farmers harvesting but no dry grain. They either own a grain
dryer or have found a buyer for the tough grain. For those that don't know,
tough, or damp grain (high moisture content) is very risky to store on
the farm as it can heat and spoil unless the temperature is quite low.
We did harvest a lot of tough grain last year but it was late in the season
(November) and cool enough to store safely for a while.
"Killing" frost last week put an end to the growing season although the
round leaf mallow (weeds) still look pretty healthy in the garden I noticed.
Temps in the low 20s most of the night, if that doesn't freeze them I don't
know what will.
That frost should also be a good thing to kill the weeds on my weed infested
summerfallow that has been too wet to cultivate.
Meanwhile, keep waiting and keeping busy with maintenance around the farm.
Theres still hope for this crop but each day takes a little of that away.

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  1. I feel for you my friend. I think all of us who've ever been in business (yeah folks, farming is a business) have had some years that were just nearly the death of us. Generally, though, we find SOME way to survive. I pray that your luck will change. God bless you.