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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

Remembrance day 2010, the day we remember those who served in the military over the years, both past and present. I missed last years as I was still harvesting. Luckily this year I am finished with harvest and a good thing since we received about a foot of heavy snow in the past 24 hours. So I did not get out today either as the yard is heavy going and highways are not great driving conditions.
The above picture was taken near Oldenburg, Germany, just after the end of WWII. My Dad and a group of the guys from the 18th anti-tank battery sitting around an Archer self propelled gun. No doubt feeling pretty good that the fighting is over and they have survived and looking forward to going home.
My Dad never had a problem discussing his military experience and I wish now I had taken more time to listen or ask questions. He made some life long friends in the 18th anti tank battery and they kept in touch over the years and at reunions.
Dad put down some of his experiences on paper in the last years of his life so we are lucky to have those records along with many photos like this one.
One of these days I hope to put them all together into a book form, just to preserve a little history,, lest we forget.
Going back a little further, heres my grandfather, H. Nevard's wedding photo. 1919, just after he finished his military service in the Canadian army , 195th battalion in WWI.


  1. My father served in the Pacific, but didn't see any heavy fighting, so most of his stories were of a lighter nature. Still, I'm like you, I wish I'd have asked more questions and written down the answers. Maybe with the snow coming, you'll have a bit more time to sort photos and letters and do more posting on your blog.

  2. The personal histories are so interesting. My uncle was in German and says he was just a typist.
    The typist with the mobile headquarters that typed up the casualty lists, I discovered last year... Huge impact on his life!

  3. Husband's grandfather was in the 195th - embarkation Empress of Britain 31 Oct 1916. Do you have any stories to share about that time as would love to hear any snippet of detail as trying to build a profile of him. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Do you have his military records? I was able to get mine for my grandfather and one of his brothers who were in WWI. The records give a lot of information. You can read more of my grandfather in the 195th infantry at my other blog http://nevardblog.blogspot.ca/2013/03/letter-from-london-1916.html