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Friday, November 26, 2010

Weather turns nice, things get busy

Well finally the weather gives us a break. Temperature soared to +20F today so I was able to do a bit of catching up on jobs that were not too attractive at below zero temps. Pumping summer diesel out of tractors , adding thinner and pumping it back in. Installing snow blower and spending hours blowing snow off my yard and driveway.
My old reliable Massey Super 90 has developed a major water pump leak so I can't use it to put hay bales out until I fix it. That looks like a difficult job so I removed the front end loader to at least improve the accessibility to the engine. Now I'll have to find an alternative to handle the big bales til the Massey is back on the job. The first option I think will be to install the bale spear on the 3 point hitch of an even older tractor. The 1953 Cockshutt 40 currently has the snowblower on it so I'll have to make that switch. Hopefully we will not get a major blizzard while I have the snowblower off. Just in case we do get snowed in I think I will install the dozer blade on the "new" tractor, my 1980 model 2090 Case. It will push snow clear into next winter and all in the comfort of a heated cab so I guess things will be under control for the time being.
I cheated a bit with this picture, its not from today, or even yesterday. In fact it was taken in 1990. Same yard and tractor (and driver) though.


  1. Guess you could say some things never change, huh? Glad the weather has "warmed up" a bit for you.

  2. Your warm weather is our cold weather. Pretty funny. Nice snow blower tractor.

  3. I've watched farm sales for thirty years trying to score an old Cockshutt for that very application. Not many of those around here, but a neighbor has one and it's been a workhorse. Seems some old Olivers had the creeper gear too. Going to hang the snowblower on an AC 190 this year but that tractor has way too much power for the shear bolts on the blower. Your post is a reminder to go dig the tire chains out of the weeds. 45 F here today, last chance to hang laundry out in the sun. Teens, fifty mile wind and snow last week, left a back again soon card.