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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Trivial Round, The Common Task

A quotation from one of my ancestors when he was pretty much saying
"business as usual". Thats about how its been here.
My old standby, the Massey Super 90 has been in the workshop for the past
week due to a water pump failure. I was lucky to be able to get a new
(rebuilt) one without too much trouble but I've had to use the bigger 2090
Case and it's dozer blade to put round hay bales out for the cattle which
works ok but not as handy as the front end loader on the Massey.
I've just about got all the pieces put back together to use the Massey
again. Had to burn a little furnace oil to get the shed warm enough to
work on it though.
I was a little shocked to find that magpies had literally pecked a hole
in the back of my poor decrepit old bull the other day. He is too slow
and quiet to shake them off and they just perch on his back and help
themselves. Normally I won't shoot a magpie but this was too much. I was
able to put a patch on his back with some cloth and some carpenter's glue
which I was surprised to see still in place 24 hours later.
The magpies come to eat leftover chop out of the feed trough but any
time I got close enough for a shot they would fly off. I finally set up
a "snipers blind" in the hayloft with just a narrow opening for the rifle
barrel leaving me completely hidden. In a couple of hours I had eliminated
5 of them and thought that was about all. This evening I see there are
at least that many more back again so I guess its back to the shooting
blind tomorrow.


  1. Have you ever noticed that nature is not all that kind?
    Nice old Massey. Although I must question as to what Massey was thinking to put so many hoses and tubes out there to block the engine.
    I just installed a waterpump on a Minneapolis-Moline M670. It is all easy to see and you would think that it would be a very quick job. But there are a couple bolts and a waterline that are a really pain to get at. I'm glad it was above freezing as we have no heat.

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  3. I'm still finding a post here and there that I missed during my "computerless" period. Never thought about magpies being so bold!

  4. Like Budde said, nature is pretty cruel at times. I just heard today that magpies will sometimes peck the eyes out of newborn calves.