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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Heat

Seems not long ago we were complaining about the late, cold spring. Today is a real old fashioned summer day with temp near 90 and humidity up to the uncomfortable level. Sitting in the cool basement for a break I thought this cartoon from the "Lazy Farmer " series was appropriate.
I don't know if I'll survive to see the age of eighty-five. And Mirandy won't come through for me because she don't exist, by gee!
Actually haying went pretty well so far. Baling yesterday in the comfort of the cool , dust free cab was quite enjoyable. Some nice hay that had hardly any rain on it. I even shot a little video for youtube when I get it edited and uploaded.  Cutting the hay was a bit of an endurance test with mosquitos and pollen driving me to the limits by the time I quit.
I'm caught up in baling but there is more I could cut. Just have to decide how much more I might need to get the cattle through the winter.
This heat is bad news for the canola crop as the blossoms are really dropping off. It seems to have been a short blooming season anyway. Maybe due to the shallow root system that developed as a result of seeding in the mud.
Of course this weather can bring up summer thunder storms and the threat of the "big white combine" (hail storms) that can wipe out a crop in minutes.
My flax is looking good with the first blue flowers showing up these last few mornings. I don't see a lot of flax seeded locally so maybe I will have a scarce commodity if I'm able to produce a crop of it. Prices are good right now.


  1. Hope the rest of the season goes well for you, Ralph, since things started out a bit slow for you.

  2. Yes I do too Ralph. Dad made it to 85, so did LuAnn's dad, my mom is 84 and her's is 80. Really makes you wonder but the time just goes so fast living it one day at a time.

  3. First saw fields of flax in the Dakotas some years back. Quite a striking blue in the yellow wheat fields. Does most of that end up as linseed oil?

  4. I am really not sure but I know linseed oil is one use . I'm sure some of it gets to the food market though. Flax oil and ground flax seed are both good food additives. I use home grown flax to make bread and cereal. Its not organic but at least I know where it came from.