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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hay In A Day

A "hay in a day machine". That line ran through my head today as I baled hay with the New Holland round baler. NH used that line on some of their balers in the sixties and seventies. Not sure what they were meaning but I felt like I was doing that today. It was only Saturday I cut the hay and by today the grass was dry enough to rake and bale. Pretty quick but I guess that 90 degree heat and wind is good for something. This evening I rolled up 22 more hay bales for next winter.

I had used Dave's Massey 1085 tractor to run the ancient New Holland mower. A bit of overkill maybe but the power steering and cab were the big benefits of that tractor. As good as the old 730 Case is, it's manual steering with the weight of the dozer blade added is terrible heavy steering. I think even the "incredible Hulk" would fall to his knees in exhaustion after steering that tractor around a hayfield for a half hour.

I took this picture, rear view of the Massey, with the mower barely visible above the nice crop of brome grass. The grass/hay was, like me, a little past it's prime but still not bad. A few wild flowers thrown in the mix for flavour and I think the cows will be happy to eat it this winter. Opening up those bales next January when winter holds us in it's icy grip, it will be a little reminder of a time when warm summer breezes blew and wild flowers bloomed on the prairie.


  1. Gosh, Ralph, that last line was downright poetic. I've always said that outdoorsy types are tongue-tied poets. Guess yours isn't bound as tight as some of us.

  2. It is always interesting to cut open a bale of hay from the meadow. Wild flowers, small animals, snakes... We used to deliver hay to a farm on a hill that had a lot of low flying airplanes. Once they showed us a large chunk of aluminum that they said had fallen off of an airplane. It was actually part of the feed fork on our New Holland baler, but we didn't tell them.
    "Those pesky airplanes droppin stuff on you all the time..."
    Hay in one day is pretty good time.