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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Canola Harvest Sept 2011

Its late at the end of another long harvest day so I can't get too creative or verbose in this posting. I will let the video tell the story. In brief, we have had a week of well above normal temperatures which has given me a good start on harvest. I've harvested a field of canola which was better than expected. Started a field of wheat which is not as good as it appeared. At least the machinery is rolling along with no major complaints. The 40 year old truck and 22 year old combine continue to do the jobs they were designed for without complaint.
The beautiful harvest weather might just come to an end tonight. Clouds, high winds and lightning off in the distant sky are not looking too hopeful.


  1. Hope your harvest continues unabated.

  2. We have a bit left to do ourselves. Everyone else is finished. We have 30 acres of barley and 14 acres of really thin clover.
    I cut alfalfa and the next time I looked at the barometer it had started to fall. Rain 7 days away. We shall see.
    Good luck with your harvest! Nice video. I need a ton of canola for my feed mill. Can you mail that to me?