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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wheat at Winstanley

What a depressing, cloudy, unsettled day it was. But this video I shot yesterday was just the opposite. Sunshine and wind, not a cloud in the sky and a big field of wheat just waiting for me to cut down. Which I soon did. It was a good 12 hour day in the combine with no breakdowns, hardly any holdups, so I was able to finish the field. Hot enough for air conditioning in the afternoon but needed the heater after sundown.
Today the weather turned against me. No real rain, just threatening enough that I did not want to drive the combine 5 miles from home only to be shut down by the rain that appeared imminent all afternoon.
On the positive side, it was a chance to catch up on some maintenance on the combine. Plus , I am nearly half finished harvest and with a little luck, it will all get done before winter.


  1. Read The Lazy Farmer just before coming here. Guess it tells you something about the farming business when you guys are surprised when things actually work out.

  2. Well I baled my alfalfa with no problems but then yesterday I tried to plant 15 acres of fescue and had nothing but problems.
    And you have rain threats. Sometimes it all works and sometime you have to wait...
    There are people who get paid $40 an hour and work 8hr days and get weekends off. I suppose that doesn't help much.

  3. Well Budde, and Gorges, I just wrapped up the last canola field tonight. I guess it is the freedom and independence of farming that keeps me going. I can work around the clock, start and quit as late or early as I want and nobody will tell me to hurry up or slow down. Weekends off? Not this guy. But then there is no boss waiting at the office monday morning to tell me what to do either. I make the decision to work or not. Its unconventional but its the way I like it.