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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Multi tasking distractions, etc.

I guess I should'nt multi task but I do. Trouble is I get distracted by things and end up wasting more time than I saved by "multi-tasking".
Yesterday for example. Getting a jump on predicted winter snowfall for the weekend I got busy installing the blade on the tractor. It went well. I threw the jackall onto the hitch of the tractor to head back to the shed and call it a day. Driving past the old rotting stack of bales it occurred to me that this would be a good chance to push those bales out into the field for burning now that I had the blade on the big tractor. Turns out the pile was a bit too big even for this tractor and I was only able to demolish and re-arrange the pile before running out of traction. So head for home but first better take a quick run through the field to clean the muck off the tires so it didn't fall off in the shed. While making this "quick run" I noticed the big rock I had dug out the other day and hey, no time like the present to push this rock off the field into the slough. And speaking of sloughs, this might be the last chance this fall to burn off the dead grass in it. Having done all that I proceeded back to the yard at high speed shaking off more mud from the tires. All the time forgetting about the jackall that I had been carrying precariously on the rear hitch of the tractor. Until I went to unload it in the shed. Surprise, no jackall.
So by tractor lights I re-traced all my tracks looking for the lost jackall in the field. No luck. My only conclusion is that it must have fallen off while pushing the rotting bale stack and is now buried somewhere in this pile. The only way to find it will be to grab a pitchfork and go to work tearing apart the pile in hopes of hearing the welcome sound of metal fork tines on steel jackall without having to go through the entire pile. And now it is snowing.
Since I am going to have to handle all this material anyway I might as well take the old IH gravel truck out there and throw the bales onto it to haul away.Sort of kill two birds with one stone. Thats if I don't get side-tracked on the way out to the truck.


  1. I've had days like that. I guess the only positive thing to say about them is that they help keep us humble.

  2. A fine case for the circular as opposed to linear definition of time. I rather enjoy those sort of rambles and try to keep my humor about things that go awry. Hope the jackall finds you, both still in fine fettle!

  3. Sounds like a day in my life. Please don't mention snow. I have no desire no-till for my neighbor in our usual 3/16" of snow. Where did the summer go anyway?

  4. The other day I was not really multi-tasking, but working (too) quickly. Just as I was admiring how much I was accomplishing in such short order, I reached down to pick up my socket set and of course it wasn't latched. So the 50(?) some piece set is now scattered in the gravel, outside, in the cold. The sun had set but at least there was light nearby (changing tire on bicycle at work after hours). After spending the 5 to 10 minutes picking up sockets, I slowed down to a more reasonable pace and my pride was gone :-)