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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fuel For The Fire

Getting lazy here. Just another video of firewood sawing last weekend. Poplar is not the best firewood compared to maple , birch or oak but it is plentiful here and produces heat. The old saying that firewood warms you more than once is true. Cutting the trees down in the bush, then sawing it into stove lengths will certainly produce a little body heat long before the firewood hits the wood stove.
That 65 year old (or more) Wisconsin V4 engine that runs the saw used to be the power plant on my Dad's Case model A pull type combine for the first 20 years of it's life. To me there's no sound quite like a V4 engine working so turn up the speakers and enjoy..........


  1. The "zing" of that saw is a familiar sound. Our cordwood saw was on a three-point hitch assembly. We sold firewood in my family from probably in the late thirties into the early nineties.

  2. We had one of those on the front of a Minneapolis-Moline model U. Nothing like a huge rotating steel blade to keep you awake!

  3. Looks scary, but sounds better than my chain saws.