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Sunday, February 5, 2012

There Are Strange Things Done in The Midnight Sun

Yes, that is a disgusting rat in the picture. My new trail cam arrived last week and this is one of the first pictures it took. I had seen tracks in the chopped grain bin and had suspicions what they were. Set up the cam overnight and even the poorly focused, over exposed photo could not disguise that long rat tail with its glowing eyes looking at the camera. Funny how my cats live underneath the bin and in the balestack beside it yet they don't kill this rat. Maybe I am feeding them too well and they have lost the urge to hunt.

Now I have a block of rat poison and a conibear trap set up  hoping to catch this pest.
In other news, our mild winter continues with far below normal snowfall. Is this the beginning of a drought? If we went this long without significant precipitation and above normal temps in the growing season our crops would suffer and maybe not even survive. Of course that may not be a problem if the 2012 apocalypse  we hear so much talk about now come true.
Personally I am betting a fair bit of cash and labour that I will grow a crop this year and be around next year to sell the proceeds and spend it again in the endless cycle of farming.


  1. My daughter and I drove by a casino today on the way to the beach. we got to discussing the problems with gambling and all of a sudden I realized I was kind of describing farming...

  2. I suspect you'll be around too, Ralph. If not, well, I guess you'll be in good company. I can't say that I'm ready for the apocalyps, but I keep getting closer to being ready for a prolonged power outage.

  3. talk about gambling and you talk more than farming. you talk about life itself.

  4. Some years ago, at the previous house, we had a problem with rats. They would walk right past the dog and eat his food. He did nothing.
    I (ever the optimist) saw the rat problem as more of a target practice issue. I first tried the shotgun but blew a hole in the porch lattice with even the finest birdshot.
    Next I tried the .22 which was quite a bit of fun. I had to remove the scope due to the close range but I would sit on a turned over bucket on the porch and shoot rats when I they would poke their heads out. I spent several happy hours thus engaged until one day I popped on off the top of the doghouse (which was on the porch) with a .22 hollow point and what appeared to be its' liver when splat on the front window right in front of my wife and daughter. The daughter was quite amused, the wife was a bit taken aback, I was quite alarmed at first a I was in fact shooting away from the house.
    Later I decided that if you do have your doghouse on the front porch and you shoot rats off of that said porch for entertainment that you are in fact a hillbilly hick and the next step is the old Pontiac up on blocks in the yard.
    So I told my landlord about the problem and he applied some sort of 1950's surplus rat poison which absolutely wiped out the rats. He refused to reveal what he used but instructed us to keep the cats inside for a couple days.