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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cowfight at The Old Corral

 On a nice spring morning here in Sask. my cattle were enjoying the weather. The little calf is about 3 weeks old now and doing good. Its the kind of day that makes keeping cattle worth all the trouble.


  1. We used to have one hateful old cow that would go from one cow to the next and run them off to see if their feed was any better then hers. Sometimes, I'd get so agravated that I'd run her clear out of the barn to give the others some peace and quiet, and only let her back in after the others had eaten unmolested for a while. She was the worst one about getting through the fence, too. Finally, we just got tired of fooling with her and ate her.

  2. is that the bovine version of a good ol' cat fight?

  3. Gorges , I think you found the ideal solution to that ornery cow problem. Griper, I guess you could say that too. It seems every now and then the pecking order needs to be re-affirmed.