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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breakfast time on the farm.

My cows and calves one day last week. Two slow learners would not have survived if I had not fed them by pail for the first few days of their lives. They seem fine now. After selling six head of older cattle last week the place is less crowded and more peaceful. No more bull fighting and bellowing which is nice. More room in the shelter for when the weather turns nasty. Plus I got a pretty good price for the ones I sold. Even the lumpy leg bull brought 80 cents a pound . And he weighed 1400 pounds.  Unless we get an absolute drought I should be ok for pasture this summer. Lots of leftover hay bales but hope I don't have to use them til next winter. This early spring is nice compared to last year but now this evening wet snow is falling. March might yet go out like the lion.


  1. Some of our first Polled Herefords had teats so big that a newborn calf had no way to nurse without help. Sometimes they'd bawl when they saw him coming, rather than when when their mothers came around.

    Had to try twice to get those darned words right!

  2. Him meaning the help. I hope. :-)
    One of our Herefords (horned variety) had teats and an udder so big she looked like a dairy cow & way too big for the calves. My wife named her 'big bags'. She had a prolapse problem so she was removed from the gene pool.