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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No April Fooling

If anyone else told me they had worked their garden on April first I'd have never believed it, until this year. We are nearly a month ahead of normal conditions with no snow left, ground drying up and buds on the trees. The garden was dry enough to work so I roto tilled part of it to help warm up the soil and might just plant some potatos in a day or so. I normally put a few early ones in the ground the last week of April but even that is pushing it as a late spring frost can destroy the plants once they are out of the ground.
I think I will risk a few although I have no doubt we will see snow again before summer is truly here.
The earliest I can recall working in the field was April 13 in 1973. As the proud driver of a "new to us" 730 Case diesel tractor I could not wait to get out and try it in the field. And that was considered pretty early to be in the field at the time.


  1. Did this tractor eventually get a cab and end up at a farm few miles west? Looks somewhat familiar...

  2. The weather is a trifle odd this year. I hope we don't pay too dear a price for all this early summery weather.

  3. Dan, not quite the same tractor although it is a close relative. Last I heard I think the old 730 ended up being shipped off to the U.K. Maybe one of these days old 8224554 will show up on the net somewhere restored to new condition.
    Gorges, I think everybody is wondering the same thing. As much as we appreciate spring it is early and trending dry.

  4. Early summer weather? Not out this way. We could use some drying out. March had 23 days with rain and 9.78 inches according to my weather station.

  5. Oh yeah, i forgot to add....35.52 inches so far this year and more to come.