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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Progress

Finally, a little progress in the saga of spring planting preparations. The first nice sunny (quiet) day in a while and as luck would have it, the day I was scheduled to haul wheat to the cleaning plant. Perfect timing as the roads had just dried up from the weekend rain. Still a bit wet to work in the field but one neighbour was heading out with the air drill in the afternoon.
This was supposed to be video but turned out to be a series of many still photos. Apparently I had the camera dial set wrong. It was supposed to look something like this but minus the snow of course.
Six trips and the cleaned seed is in the bin ready to go. Screenings hauled home and the truck in the shop for a well earned engine oil change. After 41 years and 115,000 miles the old IH still gets the job done.
Next, maybe hitch onto the anhydrous cultivator. Prices of anhydrous and all fertilizer has taken a huge jump in the past month so I was lucky to have mine pre-bought.
The forecast is for more unsettled and wet weather for the rest of the week. It could be another challenging spring in Sask.


  1. Stormy here tonight. No planting for any farmers in my area tomorrow!

  2. Even worse today Gorges. I heard there was heavy rain and hail south of me. Thats a real setback to farm progress right now that we didn't need. What will be will be I guess. Nothing we can do about it.

  3. I no-tilled 50 acres of Oats for my neighbor. Finished up in the pouring rain.
    My window fell out of the track on my pickup so I drove home with the heater on wide open. It is not all that cold. I suspect those oats will sprout pretty fast.