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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Rare Sunny Day

We are traditionally known as "sunny Saskatchewan" but lately you would not think so. This video shows that we can indeed get at least one sunny day in a week as this one was on April 30. I was very fortunate to get that day to clean wheat seed for spring planting (if the ground ever dries up and it stops raining). Roads and yards had soft spots that day but by now they will be worse after the latest rain. Even with the empty truck it felt like I hit the brakes whenever pushing in the clutch. Full truck loads are not possible now. But the job got done with 40 year old machinery and the seed is ready to go when the weather smartens up.
Cold weather too is not promoting spring progress. Tree buds got off to an early start in April but were hit hard by snow and frost and only now starting to show a tinge of green again. A few weeds are all that grow in the garden as the potatos I planted almost a month ago refuse to emerge. I may have been a little optimistic planting that early but it wasn't a big gamble. Not nearly as big a risk as putting canola seed at $370 a bag into the ground.


  1. I like the smell of the soil, but farming would be too much work for me anymore. I'm glad there's still guys like you. The question is, what will happen when all the guys like you retire?

  2. I'm supposed to no-till some 40 acres of canola for my neighbor. However, the ground is mud except for the places 80 head of Elk have trampled it into muddy concrete.
    I suggested a disk but we haven't had weather for it.

  3. Gorges, haven't you heard? Old, small, family farms are being phased out as inefficient and replaced by multi thousand acre farms with many hired men and machinery to take the place of us.
    Budde, good luck on getting some dry ground to plant. None here. Another 4 tenths last night and it has started up again at noon. We are officially wetter now than a month ago.