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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Day of Seeding

Sitting here having my supper at 10:00 after a good day in the field seeding canola. I used up nearly a week of good seeding weather applying anhydrous but it had to be done. Got 107 acres of canola seed in the ground. The surface has really dried up from what it was a week ago. Ideal conditions. I had another couple of hours left to finish the field but called it a day just after 9:00. Lots of weeds growing like crazy in this heat. Numerous rocks pulled out by the air seeder need to be picked.
Still a few days ahead of last year but that could change this weekend as rain is predicted. I don't mind a day's rest but can't afford much more than that.
Just having a drink of coffee as I heard this news story about the benefits of drinking coffee


  1. Thanks for the coffee. That's a pretty big tractor. Hate to get it stuck.

  2. that coffee news is one that makes us old time coffee drinkers smile a bit, doesn't it?

  3. "Seeding" to me always meant walking in a straight row with a bucket and sowing by hand. My "fields" were a little smaller than yours!

  4. Bobby, thats no big tractor in this part of the world. The twelve wheeled behemoths pulling 70 feet of air drill in the next field make mine look like a hobby farm.
    Gorges, after a stressful day I did get 80 acres done so possibly a bit too much for hand seeding.