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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeding the Gulls.

Tomorrow marks one week in the field and still not an acre seeded. I've been applying anhydrous ammonia fertilizer which is taking longer than it should for various reasons. Finished it last night and spent part of today harrowing one of the rougher fields . Actually a wheel fell off the harrow drawbar, it was that rough. Spent the evening calibrating the air seeder and loading granular fertilizer and by 8:00 figured it was too late to head down the road to seed. So I planted another row of potatos and cut some of the grass that is rapidly growing out of control in the yard. The potatos I planted over a month ago are just breaking through the soil surface. Pretty slow.
This video I shot a few days ago from the tractor seat watching the gulls hunting for whatever insects turned up behind the cultivator.

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  1. Except for vultures and buzzards, I don't think birds have much in the ways of "smellers."