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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lawn Cutting.

A rare (lately) sunny day in Sask. although it was cold enough that I was dressed up for winter. Fields still too wet to get back to seeding but I took the opportunity to cut the long grass and dandelions that were taking over my yard. It is relaxing work and sure looks nice when it is done. Not that a lot of people get to see it but the few comments I get are always positive so it inspires me to keep on cutting. Makes it easier to spot the predators too when the grass is kept down low.
This old John Deere has a lot of cutting hours on it and has to be over 20 years old. The occasional new bearing and cutting blade along with a little "skillful welding" keeps this little tractor on the job every summer for the foreseeable future.
I suppose I should be contributing to the economy by buying and driving one of the new "zero turn" hydrostatic drive mowers but as long as this one does the job without too much downtime or repairing I will probably be satisfied with it. Although if this cold spring/summer continues I might consider adding a cab and heater to it. :-)


  1. Turn past the McCormick and log house were the high point. That Mc-D must have been one rough and loud ride.

  2. You should get a belly mower for that old McCormick-Deering and get it running. You might want to look into getting a set of turf tires for it, though.

  3. Yes Collieguy, my Uncle used to say he could hear that tractor running long after he had shut off the engine. Gorges, that might be a good retirement project as I think it would keep me busy for the rest of my life getting that old museum piece running.