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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Planting potatos to pushing snow

Yes, less than 48 hours ago I was planting potatos in dry soil on a sunny warm day. This morning I will need to get the snow shovel out and clear a path to the barn to feed the cattle. Well, actually I am too lazy to do that and will likely just walk through the heavy wet snow that fell overnight. And is still coming down blown by a strong NW wind. Depressing, but this too shall pass. I guess it was too early to really be spring.
The cows will not be happy but then they complain at the best of times about nothing. This morning they have a reason.
The potatos I planted will be safely insulated under a layer of snow and I guess the extra moisture will help them eventually.
Anyway, today's miserable weather is an excuse to imitate the lazy farmer
 and spend more time indoors. Wait, I think I hear a cow complaining. Time to get out there.


  1. I have heard stories from the old days of difficult weather cycles and I hate to revisit them.
    I wonder how much the recent sunspot activity has on the weather?
    Or if we are in a transition where we are moving into more extreme weather patterns.
    The problem seems to be that the science/weather community is focused on global climate change caused by man and not trying to figure out any historical patterns.
    But, what do I know.
    The lazy farmer is my hero...

  2. Let's all go ask Al Gore. HE'LL have an answer!

  3. Gorges, I have a feeling we might not like his answer. Budde, most noticeable effect I have seen of sunspot activity , I can't pick up late night U.S. am radio talk shows anymore. Kinda miss falling to sleep listening to Denver, etc.