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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Cattle On The Run.

Spring is still in a holding pattern. Cool, damp and dull. In fact the ground is wetter now than it was two weeks ago so no field work. Its still early for seeding but I would like to be out there applying anhydrous in preparation.
The sun started coming out this afternoon and I headed for the shed to start moving machinery out. Before I got there the clouds had rolled overhead again so I found another job. Now it is drizzling rain again.
I shot this bit of video of the cattle and calves running home for their evening chop ration. They are getting tired of hay bales and are out looking for new green grass every day without much success so far. Its just not warm enough.
 Its still too early to get depressed or panic about late seeding but days do go by awfully fast at this time of year.


  1. There is something very amusing about seeing a 1500lb cow on the run. They are so inelegant but yet in the spring they sometimes feel the urge to kick up their heels out of sheer joy.
    Of course, little do they know that the kind farmer who is giving them grain and sweet clover hay and talks so gentle to them when he feeds them-is going to kill and eat them!

  2. Make mine medium-rare.
    This weather is something else.
    Good luck with the planting.

  3. I still miss cattle; guess I always will, 'cause I'm too old to start back into it anyhow.