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Friday, April 13, 2012

April Showers

Not complaining too much but boy, it is a mess out there today with this rain on top of ground that was already wet from melting snow a few days ago. I know the April showers will be good for the grass and the pastures will do well but fighting this mud is really something.
All the truckloads of gravel I hauled into the cattle shelter and feed area seem to have disappeared and replaced with a mixture of rain water, rotting and fresh cow manure. The shelter roof leaks bad but it is still a bit better than being outside. Unfortunately the 3 day old calf does not know this and he is laying on a patch of hay beside the round bale feeder. Wet but at least not muddy. This little guy is only just learning how to drink and his mother, a first time heifer calver , is not too co-operative having a tendency to lift her foot and put it down on the calf while he is trying to drink.
I grabbed the little guy up under one arm while trying to stagger through ankle deep muck half way up my rubber boots and managed to carry him into the shelter out of the rain.
The feeder was getting low so I got the old reliable Massey out in the rain and dropped another round bale of hay in the feeder to keep them happy until the grass grows. Lucky for me there are lots of leftover hay bales to feed.
Later on I thought I could see the calf out in the rain again beside the cow. Just great!. Well, I guess if he is feeling good enough to venture out in the rain and muck to look for his breakfast he can't be too bad.

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  1. You can usually figure that cows (and calves) will go where you least want them.