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Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Was just thinking today that I am starting to get caught up a little with the most urgent crop spraying done and a couple of hundred acres left to go. I was working a little summerfallow while waiting for the crops to advance a little before spraying them. Bad weed situation on the one summerfallow field but I managed to grind my way through a day of gut wrenching bouncing over the rough ground and piles of dirt and weeds and finish. Heading home to start another field at 5:30 when the alternator light came on the dash. Actually its a small miracle that I spotted it. My first guess (fan belt) was right as I saw the temperature gauge start a rapid climb. Lucky enough to be near an approach where I could pull over out of the way of what little traffic was moving (not much). A phone call had help on the way pretty quick and we had my only spare old used fan belt installed . It promptly flew to pieces when I started the engine. Perfect timing for my brother the mechanic to appear and see what I had missed, a failed damper pulley on the engine that put the fan belt so out of line it would never stay on. Good thing I hadn't installed a new belt and wrecked that too.
So a tow job was in order and the old reliable 2090 pulled the big tractor and cultivator the 3 miles home. Without the engine running the big Magnum was a virtual furnace in the cab. Combined with incredibly heavy steering I probably sweated a few litres in that trip.
I've put an inquiry on the  New ag talk forum to see what good advice and comments on this repair job are  available there.


  1. I lost the fan belt on a borrowed 7140 going down the highway. I barely got it to she side of the road before it shut down on me. That was a bit exciting, going up hill on a busy highway. Did not have an problem with the damper pulley. was kind of a Pain to replace the belt.
    If it makes you feel better to share the pain the PTO has failed on my 2-155 White, the needles hit the twine fingers on the Freeman 200 baler, the M670 has a leak in the fuel tank, the air conditioning hose leaks on the 2-135, the brakes are failing on the stacker, and that #$%^&*ing duck is after me again!

  2. It often amazes me how a small failure can cripple such a large machine (or my industry, water treatment process). Glad you are back in the saddle, so to speak.