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Friday, August 3, 2012

Baling With The 847.

Summer marches on and hay is being made. Between rains I managed to get most of what I will need for this winter. Theres more I could cut but not much point if I don't use it and have to carry it over another year.
The old auction sale baler works pretty well and sure beats the way I used handle little square bales. Nice working inside out of the dust and heat too. Although all those years and multiple thousands of small bales handled in summer heat gave me a real appreciation for the way I do it now.
CBC radio in the background keeps me entertained and informed with no distracting and annoying commercials.
Crops getting just enough rain and not too hot so they are looking pretty good. Although some canola fields are pretty uneven in maturity and will be a real challenge to guess when its time to swath. If the "sky is falling" crowd at agriville  are right, disease and insects will not leave much for us to harvest but mine looks good from the road and thats as close as I am going to look for now. That can be an interesting site to visit but sometimes a little depressing.
Another half inch of rain last night. So far we have missed the hail and tornados but August is traditional for hail and violent thunderstorms in Sask. so....

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