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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Canola Swathing 2012

Canola Swathing 2012

Yes, thats me swathing canola just so you know I do actually work a little sometimes. As usual it looked a little on the green side once I got into the crop but hopefully it will turn out ok. According to the calendar I am right but of course weather is always a wild card.
Not expecting a great crop as there is a lot of disease like sclerotinia and alternaria, not to mention aster yellows which is a new one to me this year.
It is a big improvement to be working "indoors" compared to the old open station swather. At the mercy of sun, wind, rain, dust, insects and whatever else the weather threw at me I now appreciate the protection the cab offers. That little diesel engine runs on about half the fuel that my old swather used. As reliable as the old AMC gas engine was, it liked its gas.
Now what? Swath more of the cereals or leave them to mature and direct cut with the combine? Flax? Well it will definitely be swathed but not quite ready yet.


  1. It's a far sight from the farming we did on the hills and in the hollows of my area.

  2. Nice video. How do you tell when the canola is ready? I've never seen a 2360 before. The swathers here are mostly all hay machines. Lots of 2280's and 34-3830's.

    Also just watched your video of hauling gravel with the R160. Mind if I ask what the marker light at the center top of the dash is for? Very cool old truck.

  3. Thanks, I do like my old Internationals. Not sure why the previous owner installed that red light on the dash. it is not even wired to anything.
    Re: canola. Biggest problem if it is cut too early it will lock in the green and never properly mature. Seeds shrivel and the buyers only accept up to a certain percentage green seeds before down grading it. Time and rain will help after it is swathed. Then take my little roller and crush a sample of seeds to see if there are not too many greens.