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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Very Productive Day

Much accomplished on the farm today including repairing my broken down combine and getting the last of my crop harvested by a neighbour. I am very lucky to have a brother who is about the best mechanic I know. A sister in law and nephews who can handle pretty much any situation that arises in this adventure we call farming. And a good neighbour who offered to combine last field of flax. While he and I worked on the flax harvest, my brother , SIL and nephews drove for parts and re-assembled the giant jig saw puzzle that my pull type combine had become in the past 24 hours.
Then I lost my wallet with all my inportant cards and documents when I left it on the roof of the grain truck. Miraculously I was able to spot it laying by the trail where it had fallen off the truck as I drove back to the field.
Then in the dark I nearly lost the old IH Loadstar as it rolled away while I was up on the combine talking to the driver. Racing down the combine ladder and hitting the ground on the run I could tell the truck was increasing velocity as the slope of the terrain grew steeper. Although I was gaining ground on it I was pretty well maxed out and running out of space by the time I made a leap for the running board, got in and hit the brakes only a short distance from the trees. Lucky it was bright moonlight. It would have been harder to catch in the dark
Warm as summer, lots of colour, perfect fall day in Sask.


  1. I've had a couple similar experiences. Time slows to a crawl as your mind evaluates all possible outcomes, and after it's over and time resumes it's normal speed, you find yourself thinking "no way that actually just happened!" But it did.

    Glad you and the IH survived unscathed.

  2. Glad you made your catch. I've heard of guys slipping under the running board and the rear wheels of the truck running over them.

  3. Gorge, that same outcome crossed my mind a split second before I jumped. Its not the first narrow escape I've had with that old IH in almost 30 years.