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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blowing In The Wind

I don't know if it is the answer or the question but I hate wind!. Sask gets it's share but the past few days have been extreme even for us. Canola swaths have blown far and wide in some areas rendering them impossible to pick up in the combine. Nothing left in them anyway after tumbling across the fields.
I was lucky so far as most of my swaths stayed in place with only a few damaged spots on hilltops. The crop was  not great but is yielding near normal.
Lots of miles driving back and forth between farms with the combine changing headers and then long hours in the field. Its been dry which is ideal for harvest. Cold nights but no hard frost.
Hope my flax has not threshed out in those winds. It is still standing not quite ready to swath. It will have to stand a few more days before I can get to it.


  1. Dumb question, Ralph: Are you using both combines or do you prefer one over the other in differing crops/conditions? Here's hoping you get the crop in the bin in good shape.

  2. Thanks Gorges, they did. Last field of canola today and it has very little wind damage.
    Orin, never run more than one combine at a time as I don't think a single truck could keep up, unless it was a lot bigger truck. The IH combine holds 170 and the JD holds 200 bushels. That is a little bit more than a full load for the old Loadstar.

  3. Plus, they say a change is as good as a rest so I get a little rest when I switch from the SP to the pull type combine :-)