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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Still Shoveling Snow

Well not much today but my point is that I do still occasionally shovel a little snow here using that same shovel that is in the above picture . And that picture was taken a good many years ago. The shovel has survived loading  countless bushels of grain over the years. It even rode part ways to town on top of a load of grain one time until it fell off. I was lucky to find it undamaged on the return trip.
Its a little rusty now as most of the grain is moved by grain vac.
That old barn in the background still stands although it only houses 4 lonely chickens now. The big old truck beside it was partially dismantled and given a new life as a bale wagon. Where the truck stands in the photo there is now a truck shed/work shop built in 1972.
The kid in the picture is a little older and hopefully wiser.
Although it is  not officially winter yet according to the calendar we have already had more snow than all last winter. These extremes in temperature change are not normal. Wind chill factors in the -25C range today but predictions of thawing and more rain tomorrow. More evidence of climate change maybe?


  1. Rain, constant rain, my wife has put me on vitamin d pills...

  2. Climate change is coming. Hope you can stay warm.