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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Sun At Last

Sometimes I complain about too much sun in the summer time. In a Sask.. winter the sun is a life saver though. Those dull cloudy, foggy days are pretty uninspiring. Today the sun broke through in all it's glory. There is nothing like sunshine on white snow and deep blue sky to make a nice photo backdrop. Not that I am particularly photogenic but I find a photo is usually more interesting if there is a subject in it, be they human or animal.
I shot a bunch of video too and got a good bit of exercise walking through the deep snow. I'd say a quarter mile walk in that is about equal to a mile of walking on a good road. Much more peaceful though.
The temperature was around -10F (about -23C for those that prefer metric) but that is not bad at all as long as the wind does not blow creating that dreaded "wind chill factor" that the weather men keep warning us about.
You can see how cloudy and dull it was yesterday in this cattle feeding video from yesterday. What a difference!


  1. You need a heater cab on that tractor.

  2. If my Studebaker Cruiser was not about to rust in two I would show up on your doorstep. This constant rain is about to get me depressed. I've always been such an optimist!