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Friday, January 11, 2013

January 10 2013 Blizzard

Well that is me standing out in a blizzard. First one of 2013 yesterday and it was a good one. Not so good the day after when I see the mountains of snow drifted up against buildings, cattle feeders and places I need to drive. I shoveled a bit today but didn't get too far into it as the wind was still drifting snow and putting it back where I had just moved it from. Out in the open unsheltered spaces the wind has swept right down to hard packed ice surfaces putting most of the snow into the trees and fence lines.
Now the temp has dropped below zero farenheit and wind chill factors are in the dangerous range so I guess I will use that as an excuse to call it a day.


  1. 26* and a layer of frost seems pretty warm to me here in Oregon now, after reading this.