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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snowmobiling 1990

Here is a little bit of digitized vhs tape from 1990 featuring me out for a drive on my Kawasaki. Its almost enough to inspire me to try starting the old machine up and going for a drive. Although I know it will involve plenty of rope pulling and priming and even then maybe not getting it to run. The exercise involved trying to start it will keep me warm anyway.
The weather has finally warmed up above the zero (F) point today and it felt warm. A chance to catch up on snow blowing the various parts of the yard I need to drive in and put a couple more hay bales out in the feeders for the cattle. Still keeping that new calf in the shelter although he is getting close to a month old and would likely be fine outside. Still, with the severe wind chills we have had I figured he is better off in the shelter. The cow is co-operative not complaing at having to stay indoors with her calf overnight and then out for the day with the rest of the herd.
Not much excitement on the farm in the cold days of January. At least they are going fast.


  1. The kids are wishing for snow here. I am not opposed as long as it only lasts a few days. Decent snow in Oregon is pretty rare. Pretty neat old snowmobile.

  2. We have had over 90 days of snow on the ground and a good many yet to go. I hope you get some too. I don't mind it too much. It gives me an excuse to be the lazy farmer. After all , the ground is frozen and covered with snow so how can I do anything with it? Maybe I need to try and fire up the old snow machine.

  3. When we get snow we usually get freezing rain. The rain turns to snow so there is a layer of ice underneath. Or it is just wet slushy slick stuff that is only here long enough to make it hard to drive for a day. There has been only a few times I can remember anything close to a foot of snow that would last for more than two days.
    I do wish for a foot or two as everything would shut down for a couple days and I could go sledding with the kids.

  4. I vaguely recall my dad having a Sno Jet. Not sure if you recall, but was it a similar machine?

    Dan M.

  5. I remember your Dad's SnoJet. It was just an earlier version of the one in my video . Kawasaki took over Sno Jet in 1977 and pretty soon the name was changed to just Kawasaki. Not too many years later Kawasaki disappeared too.