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Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 25 and Finally Spring

Nothing too exciting here. I thought it might be interesting at some point in the future to look back and see how late spring was in 2013. Finally some spring-like weather arrived April 25th, about a month late. Yesterday was the first day I could drive my driveway without hitting mud even though deep snowbanks line the shoulders. The cattle are out foraging through last year's old grass for some sign of new green. They will eventually be back to the bale feeder to fill up. Rain forecast for Monday but for now we will appreciate the weekend.

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  1. I looked up what I was doing last year in my planting record book. I think I was waiting for it to stop raining. We have a week of nice weather ahead. Feeling a little overwhelmed.
    The crazy thing is that we could still get a two weeks of solid rain and cold temperatures. I have never had the self discipline to disc up yellow corn plants and replant, even though i know it would be more cost effective to do it.
    Hard to give up on corn at $250 a bag...
    I have go to win some sort of lottery...