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Sunday, June 16, 2013

On The Road With The 730

Yes, another boring old tractor video. This old 730 Case and I have a history dating back to the mid 1960s when my uncle bought it "almost new" for his main field tractor. It was a big diesel tractor in those days and quite a step up from the Farmall M.
 I got to know it better in the summer of 1970 when I was hired to work my uncles's summerfallow fields. Health problems had kept him from doing any work on these fields that spring. Good summerfallow needs to be started on by mid June at least. By July it becomes a challenge with the big weeds that are taking over. By the time I got to it in August it was almost like breaking new prairie sod, except with much more weed growth that constantly plugged the John Deere cultivator I was using to work it. That 16 footer was a good load under normal conditions but in these extreme conditions it was a hard workout for the old 730 and there were more than a few times I saw the front wheels lifting off the ground as it struggled for traction as the cultivator spikes were tearing up the thick twitch grass sod. I don't recall how many fields or acres I did but no doubt by the time I finished the last one it was time to start all over again.
As a novice tractor operator I learned a lot that summer. We both survived although the tractor has a few dents in the lower fenders from the many times I jack-knifed the hitch backing up trying to unplug the weeds from the cultivator shanks.
 My uncles are gone now and the 730 is "semi-retired". A reminder of times past every time I drive it.


  1. It's nice that you can keep the old steel around your place in working order. I'm no mechanic, or I'd still have my old F-40.

  2. Machineries like this can last a long time when taken cared of properly. They help make our jobs in the farm easier and smoother, so it's just right to take care of them too. By the way, the story you shared with us is pretty nostalgic, but at least they are great memories you still carry with you. Is this very tractor still operational? That would be so great if it is.
    Colette @ 411 Farmnet

  3. Collette, the old 730 is , like me, still alive and well and occasionally found working on the farm. That video was shot earlier this summer.