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Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Big Rain

I don't recall when I have seen 4 inches of rain in the gauge from one event but it has been a while. I knew it was pouring hard late last night. Major thunder and lightning blocked out satellite tv signal, not that I needed the extra entertainment as it was interesting enough watching the radar of the storm moving over me. Luckily wireless internet still maintained contact. The east wind drove so hard that rain leaked through the window frame , dripped into the basement onto the electrical breaker box. All I could do was watch and have a flashlight handy in case the it was "lights out".  Looks like I have some patching to do as I don't want to see this happen again.
I can consider myself lucky I sprayed the most urgent crops because I think it will be a while now before I get back in the fields. Plus the low spots will be under water.
Meanwhile , a few days ago when the sun shone brightly and I wasn't out in the sprayer tractor, I took one of the old IH trucks out for a spin. 1953 was a year notable for several things including the R series of IH trucks being introduced. Looking over the hood of this old yellow truck , it could be 1953 all over again. (Not that I would have been old enough for a drivers license in 53). :-)

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