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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Seems like we just got introduced to one new word and another new one comes along. "Selfie", the act of taking a picture of yourself with camera or phone, in some suitable scenic background , has become a word. Just last week somebody comes up with Felfie . A self portrait of a farmer, preferably with some of his livestock or machinery in the frame.
I find it somewhat amazing that I am actually ahead of the trend for a change. I have been taking those type photos since I had my first digital camera. (Ten years ago). I usually carry a camera and like to take scenic shots but I think they are always more interesting with a subject, be it an animal, vehicle or a human. The fact that I am usually working by myself means that I am the handiest subject to pose for the photo and I soon became adept at aiming the camera from the wrong side of the viewfinder. Not like in the old days when film cost money and you didn't waste it on a shot that might not contain the subject you wanted.

In this photo from the summer of 2010 I am just another farmer out standing in his field.


  1. Now there is a hero of Canadian Youth! A farmer who is out-standing in his field. With a Cockshutt! Yup! A real trend setter that feller is!

  2. You both seem to have the same smile! :-)