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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stormwalk January 2014

Even though it was cold and windy to the point of dangerous wind chill, I had to edit this video down quite a bit to make is short enough to upload to youtube. When I shot this video a few days ago the sundogs were out which is an indicator of cold conditions. Wind blew so hard that a lot of the snow just blew away. The few places it did settle produced some very hard drifts. I spent an hour or so yesterday with tractor and blade clearing up around the barn and shelter area hoping to get the snow out before the cattle pack it down. My driveway may or may not be passable , I will find out tomorrow maybe. I didn't feel like walking a quarter mile in that freezing wind to see.
While I was out risking frostbite the real lazy farmer was out in a field planting rye grass in a different part of the world, far removed from Sask. . Quite a contrast.


  1. Well, I soon got rained out. There are now mud puddles everywhere.

  2. Rain? Oh yes, I remember that. The liquid form of snow. And I don't have to shovel it.