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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Would Jack Say?

That question came to mind a while back whilst contemplating the price of cultivator shovels and diesel fuel. Which have both reached levels that make it questionable how we even turn a profit at this farming business. My dad used to tell the story of how his Uncle Jack was out to the farm to visit one day in the early 1950s. Dad was proudly showing him his new cultivator. Of course Jack was curious as to the price of this machine. Seems to me it was in the $700 range. When Jack heard that he was a little shocked and replied that when he was farming he had bought a cultivator for $75. I wonder what he would say about the price of machinery today? Actually I can pretty well guess.
Great uncles, Alf and Jack in the 1930s


  1. It's that way with everything except what the little guy earns.

  2. Great pic! If those two don't look like farmers, nobody does.