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Friday, February 28, 2014

Winter Warrior

I borrowed that title from the CBC phone in program today where they asked the question , "are you a winter warrior or a whiner?" Inspired by the continuing cold and colder to come weather here I guess. This little calf has to be a warrior to survive. He was born in the dark, cold early morning hours last Sunday morning in the open front cattle shelter at sub zero temps. Lucky he had a good mother who was right on the job drying him off and preventing his ears from freezing in the cold conditions. He spent the first five days pretty well all inside the shelter, which was the best place considering how cold it has been . This morning , with sunshine and wind chill factors in the -30s he was out and running around, looking right at home in the cold weather.
I consider myself a reluctant winter warrior since I really don't like the extreme cold but have to get out there every day to feed and water the cattle.
At least we humans know from past experience that this extreme weather will pass and soon enough it will be spring. That calf has known nothing other than frozen ground and snow, cold and wind.
The forecast is for near record breaking cold weather tomorrow night. I am starting to hear a lot of complaints about the severity and duration of this winter. I guess its not just me.

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