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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Calf

I guess I got lucky with this little guy. If it had happened two weeks earlier he would likely have froze to death.
I wasn't expecting a calf from this cow for another month or so but what do I know. Spotted her standing over a new calf yesterday afternoon. Sunny day with the temp above freezing so figured they'd be ok. Some time later I see the calf laying in mud near the cow with magpies hovering around. Not good. Old "Starvin"  is a very quiet cow but a little slow witted and not doing much of anything to help out plus I think she stepped on the calf. Luckily again it was not a long haul to the barn and I mostly carried this (not so)  little guy there so he was in a warm dry place. The cow was enticed to follow in with a pail of chopped oats as incentive.
Next (this) morning all seemed well in the barn but the calf looked , and sounded, hungry. It was trying to get up but seemed too weak and unsteady to stand so I figured a drink of milk replacer might give it strength.
By the time I got back with the pail ready to feed it, this calf was up and moving around. A little hay to keep the cow occupied and standing still allowed me to steer this little guy in the right direction and get fed with something far better than milk replacer.
In other news, the Massey Super 90 project is back on track with some actual progress made this week. I guess all it took was some warmer weather.  More to come on that.

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