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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baling and Blowing Things Up

What an unproductive day. I decided to get the Massey baler out to bale up the little bit of hay lying in the yard. It was actually about a half a round bale that had begun heating after sitting several days inside the baler and I unrolled yesterday to dry. Ok, I baled it way too damp on the weekend . With thunderstorms in the forecast I figured bale it up into a few small squares which I can always use. First off the only available in my fleet of tractors was the Cockshutt 40. I had to first remove the bale spear and three point hitch which took a little time and effort. Then hitching up to the baler the hitch jack did not want to fold. I soon found out the baler was sitting low due to a completely flat tire. Rather than work on it back behind the shed in the long mosquito infested grass and heat I risked slowly driving it to the shed doors. It took some effort but finally got the tubeless tire to seat and take air.
That hay was still plenty tough and it pushed the limits of the flywheel shear pin, right up to the breaking point. Now I get to spend some time inside the baler pickup unplugging the tough damp hay.
Eventually I got the hay put through with a grand total of 7 square bales. Not much to show for a day's work. Cleaning up the baler to put it back in it's parking place I noticed the stacker had low tires so I started filling them up with the air hose. Tire number two had a little surprise in store and went off, almost in my face with a big bang. The rusty little rim had split allowing all the air inside the tube to exit like a small stick of dynamite. Lucky the wheel was contained in a double fork assembly which prevented it from becoming flying shrapnel or I might not be here .

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  1. Sounds like putting that hay in loose might have been the better choice.