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Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14 Hay Cutting

Got in a productive afternoon of cutting hay in the hundred acre woods and also on the hillsides of the next quarter. It went well until a knife guard broke late in the day. I was sort of prepared, having a spare in the toolbox. Unfortunately I did not have the right wrench to loosen the bolts. I finished up the patch I was working on anyway, leaving a narrow strip of uncut grass from the broken guard. I wasn't going to finish today anyway so now there will be a little more for tomorrow.

In other news, the IHC B110 truck has no rear brakes. I didn't think I was going to get the rear drums taken off to inspect as they require a special brake puller to remove. I got a little creative and came up with a crude but effective improvised adapter and was able to pull the drum off without too much trouble. Now the search for replacement wheel cylinders. Its only a 55 year old truck. Shouldn't be too hard to find parts.

Here is the adapter plate. Don't laugh too much.


  1. Ralph, Oh the hours I have spent with a NH 479 Haybine. Wobble box failures, conditioner roll bearing failures, once the whole mower broke in half.
    We outfitted them with stub guards and adjustable hold downs similar to a grass seed windrower in later years.
    The disc mower was a wonderful invention! Although, the sickle works better in alfalfa and clover.
    Hope it goes well and you have no rain!

  2. Budde, would you believe this old 479 is the best cutting machine I have ever run on this farm? Just imagine how bad some of the past ones must have been.