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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Uninspiring Weather

Cool and damp weather is uninspiring here in April. There are warnings of snow for parts of Sask. today which is the last thing we need. So far it is just rain which will mostly run off the already saturated fields. Water is still coming to the surface and keeping the sloughs full to running over.
Maybe I should have bought one of these four wheel drive tractors at the farm auction yesterday.
The number of roads that are either under water, or close to it, was amazing yesterday. Soft spots on even the "good" roads are going to break down once the fertilizer trucks start running.  New lakes are forming in fields. Some of my "islands" are only accessible by trike , except for the ones that aren't.
Who ever dreamed of this in good old "dryland Saskatchewan"? I think I will go and take a picture of the geese swimming over the driveway to my Uncle's farm.

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